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Explorer of creativity , multi Artist  and culture enthusiast from Espoo Finland

Motto "meaning of life is how one benefits the others"  Frank Martela 

I am professional painter who offers teaching services for advanced painters and workshops for companies in Lapinlahti Art School. The school is located in peaceful and the most inspiring environment in Venice building at Lapinlahti Helsinki. My teaching focus on contemporary painting but I also possess a vast knowhow from contemporary to renaissance painting technics. I am also a representative for Venice building tenants at Lapinlahden Lähde Ltd. 


2020 - 2024

Workshop facilitator for teams 


Lapinlahti Art School Headmaster

2010 - 2024

A book project: Leonardon stepit - Seven Steps to Creative Process



Singer-songwriter Mikko Bossa


Venice building representative in Lapinlahden Lähde Ltd 


2012 - 2024 

Owner, Lapinlahden taidekoulu, Dream State Innovation DBA


Venetsiasta Valssaamoon group exhibition organizer

2016 - 2022

Management / fund Manager

Artists in Residence Program in Arenys de Mar, Barcelona




Further education - Creada / Aalto University School of Business  

2008 - 2021

Painting Teacher, Helsinki area Art Schools

2000 - 2006

Management, Kultapuu Association

​1990 - 1995

Academy of Fine Art Helsinki, M.A.

Exchange program, Carnegie Mellon University Art Department, Pittsburg, USA. Since graduation many private and group exhibitions for the audience.

1989 - 1990

Orivesi Art School

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