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"Mikko Bossa´s book project Leonardon stepit - Seven Steps to Creative Process. The Book and Application are direct responses to working life and company demands of our times in the field of innovation. These demands have developed from causes that Bossa´s book can give answers. His style as writer is talented, understandable and exhilarating. His message can be understood in the many different work sectors. Even if one is not exactly expert in this particular field. Bossa´s methods are based on longterm, many-sided and profound investigation in the field of creativity. Also he has long term experience as an Art Teacher and Consultant. This gives him knowledge which is apparent in his methods. They are practical, easy to adapt and enthusiastically introduced. This is making them easy to adapt and learn."

Jari Ranne Psychologist, Innovation Expert, Consult

"Fitted incredibly well in our management seminar day!"

Jarmo Haapala Senior Coach, S-Group

"Many thanks for excellent workshop! Students were really enthusiastic and they got the point.  Also the paintings were really excellent."

Kai Lehikoinen, Doctor of Art, University Lecturer in Performing Arts University of the Arts Helsinki

"Waiting for new common projects with enthusiasm." 

Kaisu Eronen, Expert of Pedagogy Skills, S-Group​

"Artist Mikko Bossa painting is experimental and has strong colors. His approach to contemporary painting is juicy and has surprising elements. I have observed Mikko Kirjavainens artistic career since I was headmaster during his studies in Academy of Fine Art. His private exhibitions has shown continuum and rebirth of character. He has brought to our collection of materials many - sided mastery of paintings over transparent acrylic. His new discovery is tar and chalk expressions. Beside he is artist he is also performance artist, musician, lyric. A real multiartist. And plus he is also about to graduate as Innovation Consultant. The most significant character In his painting expressions is multi interpretative. His abstractions are organic and lyrical. Lyricism has been characteristic to all his art work from the beginning."  

Outi Heiskanen, Academic

"Painter in the center of the white color. Mikko´s exhibition has been one of this year finest. As a starting point he has been examining the white color. Mikko has analysed whiteness throughout the seascape and horizon line. As a result is the exhibition where nature’s forces and the play of light is concentrated in to the one abstract and poetical form. The whole exhibition is like opening one giant light molecule. From the light rises microcosmos and cosmic forms. Circle splits to Jin and Yang forms - feminine and masculine. Together they are forming ellipses finally splats and break to thousands of bubbles and melting back in the cycle of the universe. This exhibition is like time travel which take the visiter back to the eastern roots of the abstract art."

Anne Rouhiainen, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

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