mixed media

48cm x 52cm 2021

About painting

Explore the unknown - Occult Nature with Aeonic Vistas. Paintings have contemporary forms to express these spectacular sensations. Painting technic is instant, expressive, juizy intense material painting. Crossover between figurative and organic painting. Although colors are selected very carefully with extreme details.





Painter / Writer / Singer-songwriter Mikko Bossa. Association Organizer / Fund Manager in Artist´s in Residence program  Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Katalonia. Headmaster in Lapinlahti Art School. Representative for Venice building tenants at Lapinlahden Lähde Ltd.   


Book project Leonardo Spirit - Art Based Service Design Tools For Curious Makers. Same tools have been used troughout the history by master innovator´s such as Leonardo da Vinci, Edison, McCourtney. 

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