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My Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio. In my painting I explore new dimensions of painting. Depth. Expressions. Lights and shadows in motion. Essence. Stories. Some very special mountains. Synchronicity within the nature and human body. Necessity of our times to deepen that connection. Here you’ll find a selection of my work. Explore my projects to learn more about what I do.

SUMBURGH FOGHORN 2022 Mixed media 185cm x 150cm 

The sound of foghorn which is the most beautiful sound in the world. Sfumato (term created by Leonardo Da Vinci). Something is appearing from the fog. There is strong feeling of hope in this concept painting.

THE PEAK 2023 Mixed media /tar 50cm x 40cm

Mountains have a very special place in my heart. I have climbed few in my life. They can lift us above our little perspective and challenge us to grow and explore our true potential.  

THE LIFE OF THE SEAS 2023 Mixed media 120cm x 140cm

Underneath this expressive painting is my version of Botticelli, Birth of Venus. Perhaps she has sunked back the sea and lives now happily in harmonious connection with her environment. 

DAYS OF WONDER 2023 Mixed media 90cm x 70cm

This concept painting represents my new minimalistic style and technique. Painting have a strong sense of depth and enjoyment.. 

NIGHT WALK 2021 Mixed media, oil, ink, tar 120cm x 110cm 

In my landscape paintings I am exploring the unknown and unusual places. Seasides mountains and skies. Night side of life.

TOUCH 2022 Mixed media, tar 140cm x 120cm 

I was inspired by Antonio Canova sculpture in Louvre, Paris, Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss (1793). I was inspired from this mythological victory of love and so I took a photo from this masterpiece and painted this piece. 

MORNING AT THE MOUNTAINS 2022 Mixed media 110cm x 120cm 

FOGGY MOUNTAINS 2022 Mixed media 120cm x 110cm 


THE NORTH 2022 Mixed media 160cm x 150cm 


THE PEAK 2022 Mixed media 110cm x 95cm 

SUMMIT 2022 Mixed media 75cm x 95cm 

 FJORD 2022 Mixed media 145cm x 120cm 


LOVE WISH CLOUDS 2022 Mixed media 85cm x 150cm 

MOTIVE 2020 Mixed media, tar 35cm x 30cm


UNDERCURRENT 2021 Mixed media / tar 40cm x 50cm 

Undercurrent Mixed Media 130x110cm  2010.jpeg

UNDERCURRENT 2007 Mixed Media,Tar 140cm x 130cm


APEIRON 2021 Mixed media / tar 70cm x 50cm 

BAHIA 2011 Painting on acryl sheet 77,5cm x 75,2cm 

STREAM 2010 Painting on acryl sheet 60cm x 55cm

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