LA DONNA mixed media, wallpaper, tar

61cm x 52cm 2021

About my painting


Concept paintings


As contemporary painter I enjoy freedom to create forms and colors freely but although in very careful details. I use specially customised materials like tar, ink, leaf gold, rabbit clue and wall paper to create unique feelings. In my concept paintings I express spectacular inner sensations through organic forms. My painting technic is instant, expressive, juicy material painting. Crossover between figurative and expressive art. 


Some of my new paintings are for sale and easy to buy. Just click the button under picture and you will be guided to Holvi bank to finish your purchase. Painting will be delivered safely and 100% securely to your mail address world wide.  

Undercurrent Mixed Media 130x110cm  2010

UNDERCURRENT mixed media, tar 140cm x 130cm 



In my landscape paintings I am exploring the unknown - the occult side of the nature. Memories from my trips to unusual places with aeonic vistas, seasides mountains and cloudy skies. 



Mixed media, oil, ink, tar

120cm x 110cm 2021

Mikko Bossa

Painter / Writer / Singer-songwriter. Headmaster / Art teacher in Lapinlahti Art School. Business Owner / Consultant in Dream State Innovation trade name. Representative for Venice building tenants at Lapinlahden Lähde Ltd. Association. Organizer / Fund Manager in Artist´s in residence program Arenys de Mar, Barcelona. 


SELF PORTRAIT drawing, ink

35cm x 30cm 

Leonardo Spirit


Book project Leonardo Spirit, Systemic Service Design. Guidebook for creative skills that have been used throughout the history by innovators such as Leonardo da Vinci, Edison, Paul McCourtney. 

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