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Sumburgh Foghorn 2022 Sekatekniikka 185c


mixed media

185cm x 150cm 2022 6000€

Sumburgh Foghorn is inspired by the sound of foghorn which is the most beautiful sound in the world. There is mystic sfumato (term created by Leonardo Da Vinci). Something is appearing from the fog. There is strong feeling of hope for the future in this unique concept painting.

IMG_8291 (1).jpeg

TOUCH mixed media, tar

140cm x 120cm 2022 SOLD

As teenager I was inspired by Antonio Canova sculpture in Louvre, Paris, Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss (1793). Since then I carried a photo with me I took from this masterpiece. I painted the painting from this mythological victory of love.


LA DONNA mixed media, wallpaper, tar

61cm x 52cm 2021 1400€

I found old jerrycan of tar underneath the floor of an old villa. I have been creating a unique secret painting technique with phenomenal cracking effect by using tar.  

NIGHT WALK  mixed media, oil, ink, tar  120cm x 110cm 2021.jpeg


Mixed media, oil, ink, tar

120cm x 110cm 2021 3400€

Inspired by nightly walks in Arenys De Mar Katalonia. In my landscape paintings I am exploring the unknown. Unusual places. Seasides mountains and skies. Night side of life. 

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